you can call me tiff.

here's what i think you should know.


i’m a daughter, sister, wife, dog mom, bestie and a human – an overall simple one, with a pretty big heart and an infatuation with love.


my enneagram is a type 2 (the helper), but my husband will just tell you i am equal parts cinderella and alan from the hangover. i'm a textbook cancer. i have a deep love for all things sun, moon and stars. i speak fluently in vines, memes and movie quotes. i am a film/television fanatic, and a lot of my photo inspiration comes from all of my favorites.


i belly laugh a lot and try to make others do the same when they’re around me. i use hearts, smiley faces + exclamation points a lot; i’ll probably tell you i love you pretty early on.


i love love. if i could go back in time and tell little me i would one day be a wedding photographer, i know i wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest. i used to watch a walk to remember as a kid and dream of having that kind of love one day. little did i know, i would end up finding someone that would completely exceed my expectations. i'm married to my best friend in the whole wide world, joel. i can confidently say our souls were absolutely made for one another. we celebrate our wedding anniversary on halloween – our favorite day of the year.


my pups are my life. scouty bear and khaleesi bug (yes, as in GoT khaleesi), they truly make my world go round. cuddling with our fur babies is quite literally our favorite past time. i love all dogs and the thought of them makes my heart burst. just know, yes – your dog IS invited to our session.


taco bell is my jam. i love anything that makes me feel nostalgic- obsessed with that feeling of being blasted in to the past.


i'm obsessed with: 

 + the twilight saga

+traveling (we frequent las vegas + Disney world )

+ a cold can of coke or a baja blast on the rocks



+ napping

+ music and the power it has

+ a good netflix original (the OA is my #1)

+ my vhs collection


i’m entering my third year as a wedding photographer, which has brought me so much love, light + happiness. i’ve met some amazing human beings over the past few years, all of them have a special place in my heart. i will never get over that creating these relationships + documenting their happiest moments is my job.  it’s truly a dream.


​i believe there is beauty in everything and with my camera, i find it. i have an eye for detail and i'm a lover of the little + simple things.  i'm fascinated with natural light + golden hour.  i would describe my photography style as raw, emotional, adventurous, timeless + romantic – and a little moody. when you’re in front of my camera, i’ll ask you to look at me and smile here and there; but, i strive to photograph your love/life in its most organic state.


          if any part of this spoke to you, or even made you giggle, there’s a solid chance we’re a perfect fit.

let's make some magic, to be cherished forever.

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my hunny + i
photo courtesy of taylor sumner photo
red rock canyon //  las vegas

the babies

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