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Obsessed with the moon.
Can recite all of Dumb + Dumber.
Twilight fan 4ever.
Big fan of naps.
Bigger fan of taco bell.
Taylor Swift is an angel, period.

wanna be friends?

it's me, hi!

You can call me Tiff.


+ I like you already.

I try to keep this about me page short and sweet, but I grew up in the myspace era - and this is the closest thing I have now.  We're DOIN' it.


My enneagram is a Type 4, but my husband will just tell you I am equal parts Cinderella (because I'm a princess, duh) and Alan from the hangover. I'm a TEXTBOOK cancer (/Sagittarius Moon/Virgo Rising), and will ask you all about your signs. Space and the Universe are so beyond fascinating to me. If there is a Full Moon happening you will definitely hear me remind anyone in the room. I'm kind of a hippie, and I love that part of myself. I care deeply for others. I'm passionate about Mother Earth and caring for her in any ways I can, though I'm far from perfect. I kind of despise perfectionism, actually. I think its detrimental to living a happy and peaceful life. I find doing your best to be more productive. I speak fluently in Tiktok's, memes and movie quotes. I am a film/television fanatic, truly, and if you pay close enough attention, you'll see it present in my work. I'm a hopeless romantic, since always. Kindness between strangers makes me cry.

I'm married AF to the cutest human, Joel, and couldn't be happier. We're best friends, since before we were dating - and I think that's the secret. We were married on Halloween, for no other reason than we love it with all that we are. We're parents to two pups - Scout and Khaleesi. They're my life. And your dogs are too, even though I haven't met them yet. The answer is yes, I want to see them at your session.

I started photography in 2015, I'm completely self taught, and thankful for the internet. the first photos I ever took with a dslr were all of my dogs. So shoutout to them, because.. here we are! A few months in to learning, a girl I graduated with posted on Facebook asking for wedding photographer suggestions. Being infatuated with love the way I am and knowing I wanted to end up telling those stories, I messaged her asking if she was willing to take a chance on me. She was, and she did. That was all it took. <3 The following summer, I was fully booked for the season. 

 My ideal client has nothing to do with looks or overall vibes (I promise, you don't have to look like an urban outfitters ad for me to think you're cool), and everything to do with the connection they feel to my work, and the trust they have for me. when I reflect on my 'best work' - these things were always the foundation. I thrive in go with the flow type scenarios. I don't force anything during sessions, or even weddings. Though I do give posing prompts and general direction, overall, my work is organic and raw. I wanna get to know you, the real you. All your quirks, what you geek out over, what puts the biggest smile on your face, and everything you love deeply.

It's important whoever is reading this knows, especially if you're liking what you're reading so far - that literally, all humans and all love are welcome here. Love is LOVE and I'm passionate as hell about all of it. 


Whatever story you want me to tell for you, I'm here for you. It all starts with a genuine friendship + getting to know each others heart + souls.


 So! Let's make some magic, to be cherished forever.

contact me

here. :)


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