you can call me tiff

i like you already.

i try to keep this about me page short and sweet, but i grew up in the myspace era - and this is the closest thing i have now. so, we're DOIN' it.


my enneagram is a type 2 (the helper), but my husband will just tell you i am equal parts cinderella and alan from the hangover. i'm a textbook cancer. i have a deep love for all things sun, moon and stars. i speak fluently in vines, memes and movie quotes. i am a film/television fanatic, truly, and if you pay close enough attention, you'll see it present in my work. i'm a hopeless romantic, since always. kindness between strangers makes me cry.

i'm married AF and couldn't be happier. we're best friends, since before we were dating - and i think that's the secret. we were married on halloween, for no other reason than we love it with all that we are. we're parents to two pups - scout and khaleesi. they're my life. and your dogs are too, even though i haven't met them yet. the answer is yes, i want to see them at your session.

fun facts:

i'm obsessed with tattoos. no ragrets.

taylor swift is my girl forever.

i'm addicted to taco bell and baja blast.

i'm a kid at heart and love disney/ disney world, always will.

i have MAD love for the twilight saga, and i watch it start to finish once a year.

i can never resist a cold can of coke.

the OA is my favorite show of all time, and i'll never shut up about it.

i can sleep anywhere, at any time. just give me a blankie.

i feel like i'm still living in the early 2000's, may they live on forever.

i wouldn't say i have a shopping problem.... but.. i probably do.

i love emojis + exclamation points.

joel + i love las vegas and the casino. catch us at the slot$ on  date night.

i started photography in 2015, i'm completely self taught, and completely thankful for youtube and instagram. shoutout to my dogs for modeling for me in our basement while i was learning how to use my camera. a few months in to learning, a girl i graduated with posted on facebook asking for wedding photographer suggestions. being infatuated with love the way i am and knowing i wanted to end up telling those stories, i messaged her asking if she was willing to take a chance on me. she was, and she did. that was all it took. <3 the following summer, i was fully booked for the season. 

 i wanna get to know you, the real you. all your quirks + interests, the things you love the most, what makes your heart beat fastest. whatever story you want me to tell for you, it all starts with a genuine friendship + getting to know each others heart + souls.  


so! let's make some magic, to be cherished forever.

contact me

here. :)