q: when should we plan our engagement session?

a: this is something that is up to you! i have shot engagement sessions anywhere from one year - one month out. if you're planning on sending save the dates, it's best to get the engagement session done sooner. keep in mind i have about a four week turnaround for engagement sessions.

q: do you have a travel fee?

a: yes, i do. my contract goes over it in detail! 

q: can we have the raw images?

a: unfortunately, for many reasons, i will not send out raw images.

q: can we bring our mom/dad/friend to our engagement session?

a: i will not tell you no! a couple things to keep in mind: this is generally when we are meeting for the first time; an audience *could* be distracting to our bonding process. also, it may be uncomfortable to bring the steam in front of my camera with your mom watching. 8)

q: i really like the colors in this one wedding you did. i want mine to look exactly like that, can that happen?

a: to put it simply - no. the reason behind this is - everyone is different, and no two wedding days are the same. lighting, skin tones, color pallettes + location all play a huge role in the colors + styles of each wedding day. "one does not simply" take a formula from one day and transfer it over to another that is entirely different. instead of trying to force each wedding to look exactly alike, i focus on how to best capture + edit your images to tell your love story. after viewing different wedding photos i have taken, you will notice they are all similar in style + colors, but you will be hard pressed to find two weddings that look exactly alike, color wise. feel free to ask for gallery examples or head over to my blog!

q: do you use a second shooter?

a: great question! only sometimes! after shooting so many weddings, i am able to know ahead of time if i will need to hire a second or not. i typically will know after creating your timeline and base my decision off of how many locations you have, how busy the timeline is - etc. i understand the initial want for two photographers, but i assure you it is not a must. i shoot plenty of weddings completely solo. second shooters are great, but i only utilize them when really needed. i do not have a second shooter add on.

q: do you do every single photo in both black and white as well as color?

a: i do not! i do however give a variety. an example of this is: i will take a handful of photos of once scene. some will be in color, and some will be in black white. sometimes i will give a single photo both copies - but it is not guaranteed for every single image.

 q: what happens if it rains on the day of our session? what happens if it rains on our wedding day?

a: for a regular session, if we can all swing it - we will typically reschedule. i try to do so 24 hours in advance. for a wedding day: not to worry! we can shoot under awnings, inside your venue, use umbrellas -- i've even shot bridal portraits in a coffee shop before! it also rarely pours for the entire day, we're bound to have times where the rain is light or stops altogether. i have experienced many rainy wedding days, and they have all been perfect.

q: can we share our gallery with friends and family?

a: yes, of course! i only ask that social media filters are not applied, and that the images are properly downloaded and screenshots are not used (screenshots result in poor image quality). 

q: can we give you a list of all the shots we want on our wedding day?

a: i prefer not to work with a shot list. it can be super distracting to my artistic process. most of those lists from various social media sites include all of the shots i would normally take. :)  if there's a handful of photos you want me to know are very important to you (ex: a shot with you and your grandpa re-enacting an old photo, a shot with a photo of a loved one who's passed), that's a different story - i want to know! but trust me - i've got you covered on all of the basics! <3

q: should we have an unplugged wedding ceremony?

a: my vote will always be yes! i truly believe it's one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding day.

q:will you come visit our venue before our wedding day?

a: this isn't typically a part of my process. a big part of my job includes being able to quickly adapt to my surroundings. i will arrive to your wedding about 15 minutes in advance. this gives me all the time i need to scope out all of my favorite spots! social media is always a useful tool for me as well. of course, always feel free to send me pictures of your venue/favorite spots at any time! 

have a question you don't see here? don't be shy to ask!