i like when things aren't perfect. 

that's life. i want to capture what's real.

the in-between moments.

i like closeness. filmy vibes. golden light. nose kisses, almost kisses, and those laughs where you can't catch a breath.

a common question i receive is "how do you get your couples to look like that? are they models?" the answer is no, not usually. it's just my job to make you look like it. every couple or family that has ever been in front of my camera, will typically say "we're awkward." its never actually true.

i want to tell your story in the most organic way possible. i will guide you throughout our session and give you fun, lovey-dovey prompts that will evoke all the best emotions out of you. 

all you've gotta do is trust me, that's where the magic begins.

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i'm up for wherever you want to go, whether it be detroit or downtown flint, a field in the middle of nowhere, or the mountains in las vegas.

i'm a sucker for golden hour, so that's when we'll start - unless you have other ideas. if that means a sunrise shoot, cool - bring donuts and count me in.