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the creative class

the second cassie tackett (@northernnativemi) released details on an upcoming workshop based all around getting those creative juices flowing - i knew i had to be there. 2020 has been such a weird year, and come the time of this class, i was BEYOND ready to get creative and just freely shoot. i learned so much in my couple hours there. every shoot or wedding i had following - was my new favorite. i brought so much of what i experienced in to my work and editing, and i truly couldn't be happier with what this year has looked like for me, creatively. i highly recommend attending workshops of those you admire, it does wonders for your soul and your art!! here's some of my favorites from that day.

host: cassie tackett

models: darion & audrey @oybella @viciousvixen

florals: fatima, studio terrain @studioterrain

HMUA: andrea, @glambyandreea

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