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becca + travis

WHERE DO I BEGIN. oh my goodness, this day was beyond, out of this world - perfect. june 13th, 2020 was becca + travis' original wedding date - planned for a big guest list at a fancy venue. naturally, covid put a halt on those plans. they were determined to get married on their original date. becca contacted me this spring and asked if i was up to document their intimate ceremony up north - to which i couldn't have replied "YES" with all the exclamation points + heart/sparkle emojis faster. i headed up to glen arbor (about 30 minutes from traverse city) on a perfect, sunny saturday afternoon, and arrived to beccas grandparents beautiful home on the lake just before 7 pm. i was greeted with the warmest hugs + the sweetest puppy kisses.

rebeccas grandfather married her + travis in his backyard, as they were surrounded by their immediate family members. their vows were some of the most moving + beautiful words i have ever heard. not a dry eye in the backyard :_) their love story just..... is everything. after their i do's, their family portraits, and their first dance (which they did on a wobbly dock and did it WELL), we drove to pyramid point and hiked *up* to the top (yes, i trailed pretty far behind heheh).

so. much. MAGIC. it was one of those nights where you just can't even believe what you're living is real, where the "vibes are immaculate." that feeling of being so happy, and you just keep feeling nothing but euphoria. we took the most beautiful photos and all watched the sun go down together. once we were back to the house, we all sat and had donuts, told stories, had some laughs and winded down. becca + her family insisted i stay with them and not go home or stay at a hotel (insert crying face) -- (i was even lucky enough to have one of the family pups sneak in to my bed and cuddle with me all night!!) just... the kindest most incredible people. i'm so lucky to know them. and SO lucky to be photographing part II of their day (the big celebration!) this fall. i love you guys to the dang MOON.

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