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almitra + kunal

oh, these two. <3 i could just cry! they were two of the sweetest humans i have EVER met and i absolutely adore them and their love. they had never had their photos professionally taken before, can you even believe it?! i hardly had to pose them at all, i let their love just do it's thing - and there, we made magic.

their engagement session was held at - you guessed it; downtown flint! sadly, they didn't find me in time for their summer '19 wedding. i'm super sad it didn't work out for us - but so thankful our paths did cross and i was able to capture these moments for them.

just a few days before their session, my family suffered a tragic + unexpected loss. i was having a terrible time with it, but i decided not to cancel their session and get out of the house. my short time with them was so good for my heart + soul. i remember leaving their session with a weight lifted off of my chest. that's somethin'.

<3 xoxo

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