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what to wear to your engagement session

i get a ton of questions from my brides on what to wear for your session! i had some highlights on my instagram for a while, but thought i would finally take it a step further with a full blog post. 😊 i hope you find this helpful!

dress it up, have some fun!

for the girls-

since these are such special photos, i always recommend a special outfit. go all out, buy that dress you’ve been dying to wear! maxi dresses, rompers, two-piece sets, jumpsuits... all a yes from me. lulus and asos are two of my favorite places for dresses. lulus usually always has some sort of amazing sale going on. (side note – they have an incredible and inexpensive bridal line! all the heart eyes.) of course, tjmaxx + target ALWAYS come through, too!

for the boys-

a nice button down (any sleeve length), nice pants/khakis/jeans/shorts. nice/cool shoes/boots! avoid logos on shirts (ex:columbia) - they're a little distracting in photos.


patterns- if one of you is wearing a pattern, i suggest for the other to wear a solid. two patterns will clash!

earth tones- i am ALL about em, especially if we are shooting in an outdoor woodsy/beachy setting. creams, greens, burnt oranges and dark reds, black, soft/pale pinks, darker blues, greys. if you are a fan of more bright, bold colors – i personally feel those photograph best in a city setting. BUT! i’m always open to everything. don’t be scared to bring a bunch of options!

i totally encourage two looks for your session! bring a more casual outfit too, if you’d like!


my advice is to go just a *tad* more bold with your makeup than usual. for example – I myself, don’t wear eyeliner and eyeshadow as part of my everyday look. if i’m feelin’ fancy (or having professional photos taken) – i will always add those two things, because they make my eyes pop! ultimately, you know your face and your makeup preferences better than anyone, so you do what makes you feel the prettiest!

speaking of eyes popping, lash extensions/falsies are also GREAT for photos! but, not all of us are in to that (myself included - my eyes can not deal with the eyelash glue, so all natural for me) – lash paradise mascara is my go to.

lipstick/liner: yes!! i'm such a lover of lipstick. it really stands out in photos and I believe it's so flattering on everyone. it doesn’t have to be anything bold, like a red (although, i'm here for it if you wanna!) – play around with some nude/mauve-y colors. NYX pencils are my absolute go-to! add a little chapstick/gloss over top and you are READY to rock and roll.

okay, and a final helpful tip! if it's possible – it’s totally convenient for you if you set up your makeup trial for the day of your engagement session!

takeaway from this post: everything i've listed here are just suggestions to help enhance your photos and experience overall. like i stated earlier, YOU know better than anyone what makes you feel the best! :) as long as you show up with your best smile, ready to love on your hunny, the rest will all fall right in to place.



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