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jamie + kenny, surprise proposal

<3 still in my feels over this!!! jamie is one of my best friends, we've been friends for about six years! she started dating kenny a couple of years ago. they were introduced by a family member around christmas time, and they hit it off immediately. i remember her telling me she knew she loved him right away :_) and so did everyone else in her life, myself included! the two of them compliment each other so well. he keeps her grounded, she keeps him adventurous. <3

in early october, i reached out to jamie about setting up a halloweeny/spooky styled shoot. she was so excited! we got to planning right away (we literally had one day that worked for both of us, and we had about a week to plan). kenny messaged me shortly after.. telling me he had a ring for her and was waiting for the PERFECT opportunity to surprise her. we knew this was it!! so while jamie and i planned outfits and the aesthetic.. kenny and i were planning for the perfect moment for him to pop the question!

we met up on monday, october 14th, at jamie and kennys first home together. we had pumpkins, candles, lanterns and some spooky masks. we took about 20 minutes worth of fun + unique shots. i could tell kenny was getting nervous the further we got in to the shoot, i let him know ahead of time it would be about 20 minutes in. i said to jamie -- "okay! i have a new pose i wanna try out! it's really dramatic and cool!!" i had them stand back to back with some space in between them. i told them both to close their eyes and look up to the sky, which thankfully -- jamie did with no questions asked, lol! kenny broke out of it pretty quick because he knew that was 'the' pose! he looked towards me for the go ahead and i gave him a thumbs up. he got down on one knee behind her, and i prompted for the two of them to turn towards one another. initially, when jamie turned around -- she didn't know where he went!! she figured it out pretty quickly, and her reaction was EVERYTHING. she was so surprised and tears started flowing <3 i was barely keeping it together behind my camera, it was the MOST magical moment ever. i'm still on cloud nine from this day. so thankful to kenny for coming to me to capture these moments. i cannot wait to help jamie with her planning, to celebrate her being a bride, and to see her on her wedding day!! so happy for these two, there are hardly words. (insert twinkle emoji and all of the hearts)

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